The BT Series Interceptors

The BT Series is the compact Inox-316 series of Hydrotab. Its T-Shape design provides excellent and efficient operation and its 6 different standard models make sure that they fit in hulls of any size!

Robust design

The BT interceptors have an Inox-316 body, which allows them to withstand the high forces of the open sea. Its simple design principle ensures that it never fails, even in the harshest sea conditions and -at the same time- provides a very simple installation process.

Revolutionary Pneumatic Technology

The BT Series operates using Hydrotab’s revolutionary patented technology. The motion of the interceptor is controlled by a high resistance bladder which is expanded pneumatically. This simple idea allows us to have a simple and open-to-the-sea-water mechanism without any need of sealing or use of any sensitive to sea-water parts (gears, shafts, electronic elements, motors, etc), making the interceptors indestructible!


Size versatility

Hydrotab’s technology ensures massive shifting forces (up to 3500 kg!) that scale up as the size of the bladder increases. This allows the BT series to be made in any size – from 20cm all the way to 2m in length!

Environmentally friendly design

The interceptors are constructed with easily recyclable materials, reducing waste and the carbon footprint of their production!

The pneumatic operation works using compressed air instead of hydraulic oils, ensuring no pollution of the marine environment!

BT offers 6 standard models of interceptors, but can be customized ordered to be up to 2m in length

BT SeriesLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Max Deployment (Stroke) (mm)

Usefull files

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Drilling patterns

3D CAD files


BT with automatic system

BT with manual system

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