Update Firmware

  • Download and install the 4DHC DfuSe software and the latest drivers. (If you already have a 4DHC DfuSe and drivers installed skip this step)
  • Download the latest Firmware, run the DfuSe software and load the latest Firmware.
  • Remove I/O (electrical supply).
  • Connect the 4DHC (via USB port) to the computer by holding the menu button of 4DHC Controller, until the Upgrade button become clickable.
  • Click at the Upgrade button, wait till the lower bar of the software appears the message 'Upgrade successful !'
  • Click at Quit button, your 4DHC is Upgraded.  (You can also watch the Video Tutorial)



Before you upgrade firmware please remember to keep a note of your pitch profile settings                                                

Go to:

Advanced Set Up > Pitch Profile Edit, and keep a note or a photo of the screen in order to manually re-store it after the firmware update.

Firmware Update Hydrotab


Installation Software




4DHC Controller Version Comments

• v1.12
o Overheat bug fix which disabled proper detection.

o Auto Mode to Manual Mode: When boat’s speed is below 11Kn then the system automatically switches from Auto Mode to Manual Mode.  When the system is in Auto Mode and the operator press any of the control buttons (Up, Down, Ptsd, Stbd) then the system switches to Manual Mode

o Air Unit Temperature Protection: When temperature in the Air Unit exceeds 65oC, the system automatically switches from Auto Mode full sensitivity roll to Auto Mode with reduced sensitive. When temperature exceeds 70oC the system blocks the operation of Air Unit until the temperature drops down to 65oC.

o Auto-Retract: when speed of the boat is below 5.8Kn for at least 60secs then interceptors are retract automatically.

• v1.06
o Auto retract stops using valves if pressure is at 0%
o Auto retract warning clears out after 2 minutes
o Invalid N2K COG & SOG Rapid Update messages will be ignored if a valid message is received at least evert 3 seconds

• v1.05
o Measurement Units menu deactivated
o N2K PGN 129026 (COG & SOG Rapid Update) Sequence ID workaround.

• v1.04b
o Fix auto retract on certain circumstances.

• v1.04
o Various updates for NMEA2000 compliance.

• v1.03
o Pitch profile Edit upgrade. Use middle button to switch between tab percentage and knots editing. Visual notification on knots text.

• v1.02
o Dual controller configuration requires both HD4C or main unit powered on. Previous versions required both units powered on.