Instructions on installing the latest Moby controller and AirUnit firmware.

Before installation:

Download the latest firmware

Visit our download page and download the latest firmware for both the Moby controller (version 3.01) and the AirUnit (version 2.03 for AirUnit, and version 2.08 for AirUnitMax), as shown below.

Updating the Moby Controller Firmware

Step 1: Extract the downloaded zip file into the Hydrotab USB that came with your controller.

WARNING: The USB must contain JUST the firmware file (.fir) and NOTHING ELSE inside it.

WARNING: The USB must be formated in a fat32 format, otherwise it will not update.

Step 2: Make sure the Moby Controller is turned on, then unscrew and remove it as shown below.

Step 3: Insert the USB in the USB port on the back of the controller, as shown below.

If your Moby controller requires an adapter to connect the USB, use the one that came with your controller.

Step 4: Inside the controller menu, navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Firmware Update and select Update.


WARNING: When you get to the following warning screens, make sure you have the correct files in the USB and that you are absolutely certain you want to perform the update. After pressing “Proceed” you cannot  stop the process or go back.


Your Moby controller will then start the update and after some time, the firmware will be successfully updated.

Updating the Air Unit Firmware

To successfully install the needed software and update the new Air Unit firmware, please follow the instructions below:

Download the PDF: