Instructions on installing the latest Moby controller and AirUnit firmware.

Before instalation:

Download the latest firmware

Visit our download page, and download the latest firmware for both the Moby controller (version 2.01) and the AirUnit(version 2.02), as shown below.

Updating the Moby Controller Firmware

Step 1: Extract the downloaded zip file into the hydrotab USB that came with your controller.

WARNING: the USB must contain JUST the firmware file (.fir) and NOTHING ELSE inside it

WARNING: the USB must be formated in a fat32 format, otherwise it will not update

Step 2: Make sure the Moby Controller is turned on, then unscrew and remove it as shown below.

Step 3: Insert the USB in the USB port on the back of the controller, as shown below

If your Moby Controller requires an adapter to connect the USB, use the one that came with your controller.

Step 4: Inside the controller menu, navigate to Menu -> Settings -> Firmware Update and select Update.


WARNING: When you get to the following warning screens ,make sure you have the correct files in the USB and you are absolutelly certain you want to perform the update. After pressing “Proceed” you cannot  stop the process or go back

Your Moby Controller will then start the update, and after some time the firmware will be successfully updated.

Updating the Air Unit Firmware

Step 1: Download the Dfuse software

  1. Download the Dfuse software from our download page as shown below. 
  2. Extract the compressed file and run the installer.
  3. Once the installation finishes, please navigate to
    \*Your install location*\STMicroelectronics\Software\DfuSe v3.0.4\Bin\Driver\Win8\x86 and run the .exe file.
  4. Your Dfuse software is installed and ready to use. 

You will need: A laptop with Dfuse installed, and a USB-USB cable, like the one shown below.

Step 2: Extract the downloaded zip file 

Step 3: Launch the Dfuse software you downloaded. The image you should see is the one below

Step 4: Make sure the Air Unit is not connected to power and connect it to your computer via a USB-USB cable (if your Air Unit has a mini-usb port, please connect it using a USB-miniUSB cable instead). 

Step 5: On a successfull connection, the target list should have items. Press “choose” on the “upgrade and verify” tab

WARNING: Be extra carefull not to press the “choose” button on the left of the screen as shown below, or the firmware will be ruined completely.


Step 6: Navigate to the firmware you extracted and select the .fir file.

Step 7: The bottom of the page should now look like the first image below. Check the “verify after download” box and press “Upgrade”.

Step 8: Click “Yes” on the prompt.

Step 9: When the “Upgrade Successfull” message appears, your AirUnit firmware is successfully updated.