Firmware Upgrade Instructions

  • Download and install the 4DHC DfuSe software (DfuSe_Demo_V3.0.5_Setup.exe) and the latest drivers (VCP_Vx.x.0_Setup.exe) in a Windows pc/laptop/tablet. (If you already have a 4DHC DfuSe and drivers installed skip this step)
  • Download the latest Firmware.
  • Run the DfuSe software and load the latest Firmware.To run DfuSe software go to Local Disc>Program Files(x86)> STMicroelectronics>Software>DfuSe v3.0.5>Bin> and execute the DfuSeDemo.exe.
  • Remove I/O (electrical supply)
  • Connect the 4DHC (via USB port to micro USB) to the computer by holding the menu button (I/O) of 4DHC Controller, until the Upgrade button become clickable on DfuSe software window.
  • Click at the Upgrade button, wait till the lower bar of the software appears the message 'Upgrade successful!’ Click at Quit button, your 4DHC is Upgraded.