The FW Series Interceptors

Hydrotab’s heavy duty series, the FW Interceptors provide reliable operation and unparalleled customizability. Being able to be built to custom lengths and with fully custom blades, these interceptors can adapt to hulls of all shapes and sizes!

Robust design

The FW interceptors have an Inox-316 body, which allows them to withstand the high forces of the open sea. Furthermore, its simple design allows the interceptor to be easily accessed and inspected, even while underwater!

Revolutionary Pneumatic Technology

The FW Series operates using Hydrotab’s revolutionary patented technology. The motion of the interceptor is controlled with a high resistance bladder which is expanded pneumatically, generating massive shifting forces. This simple idea allows us to have a simple and open-to-the-sea-water mechanism without any need of sealing or use of any sensitive to sea-water parts (gears, shafts, electronic elements, motors, etc).  As a result, this simple but innovative pneumatic mechanism makes Hydrotab interceptors indestructible and at the same time, allows an easy and quick installation!


Extended stroke

With a maximum stroke extension of 45mm, the interceptors achieve instant lift effect and much more efficient stabilization than traditional trim tabs!

Unaffected by fouling

The robust body and the high shifting forces ensure that the interceptor operates fail-free even in conditions of extensive fouling build-up, which can be easily removed by pressure washing! 

Environmentally friendly design

The interceptors are constructed with easily recyclable materials, reducing waste and the carbon footprint of their production!

The pneumatic operation works using compressed air instead of hydraulic oils, ensuring no pollution of the marine environment!

Unparalleled customizability

The FW Series offers incredible flexibility in the shape and size of their Interceptor. The blade can be custom-made to fit any hull, whether it has strakes, sharp angles or even tunnel cutouts!

The series provides great size flexibility as well, with our 4 different Standard models:

…but can be constructed to be a specific length upon request!

FW SeriesLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Fitting height (FH) (mm)Max Deployment (Stroke) (mm)

Usefull files

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Drilling patterns

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FW with automatic system

FW with manual system

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