AR Trim Tabs Application

AR Trim Tabs is a great tool that helps you choose the right model of the revolutionary Hydrotab interceptors for boat. 

Open your camera, use Augmented Reality technology and be sure just in a few steps that the product will surely fit on your boat before you order it and have a great smooth ride with automatic or manual, trim and roll features. 
AR Trim tabs will only ask you to draw by your finger one horizontal and one vertical line. 

The application automatically calculates the area and suggests you the possible Hydrotab trim tabs that fit in the selected area. Repeat the procedure and add as many interceptors you need on your boat's transom. 

Get some cool snapshots too.

Ideal for boatbuilders, end users, naval architects, and hobbyists.

AR Trim Tabs requires  iOS 11.4 or later and it is Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. 

Get the AR Application

*Android Version Coming Soon!