How to choose

Available Space

Ensure that there is available space at your boat transom.

It is always better to choose the biggest model that fits on the hull.

The cost difference between SR models is not significant and shouldn’t be a barrier.

In order to be sure that interceptor size is right, download drilling patterns here:

Transoms with limited space or extrusions

In case your transom has limited space because of extrusions:

  •  Ensure that there is the minimum space required (around 110mm or 4.33inch and 143mm or 5.62inch space at the point of the inlet of the interceptor) Picture.A or use the indirect way of installation.
  • If you still cannot fit the SR Interceptor you can use a model of BT Series which has lower height.

In Case of Outboard Engine

Be sure that the placement of interceptors does not affect the water flow to the propeller.

In Case of Inboard Engine

You can easily cover any available space with interceptors, in this way achieving maximum result!

Need more than Standard SR Series Sets offers?

In Hydrotab, we offer more flexibility than any other trim tabs or interceptors system in the market.

You can add extra SR interceptors on each side or you can contact us in order to suggest the best possible solution from our full range of products.

In Case of Tunnels or strakes

In case you need some customized solution and extra efficiency,  Hydrotab can offer quick affortable solutions, tailor made for you hull.