What makes Hydrotab interceptors different

Hydrotab is an innovative patented trim system designed for maximized efficiency and optimization of boat control and is characterized by absolute simplicity and robustness. Our trim tab interceptors are designed to operate in the harsh sea environment, and improve your boat cruising experience.

The Operating Principle of Hydrotab

The motion of the interceptor is achieved through a high resistance bladder which is expanded pneumatically. This simple idea allows us to have a very simple and open to the sea water mechanism without any sealing that in the same time creates very high shifting forces (up to 2000Kg).

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Hydrotab vs trim Tabs

Find out why Hydrotab’s Interceptors are far superior to conventional Trim Tabs

Fail-Free Operation

More Efficient & Faster Than Trim Tabs

Seamlesly Blends On Any Transom


The Hydrotab interceptors are characterized by extreme robustness and total simplicity in construction.

The system is open without any sealing parts.

The housing is constructed by high quality Inox 316 stainless steel, while the air chamber is made of synthetic multilayer material highly resistant to high pressure (up to 30bars) and appropriate to sea water. High shifting forces applied to blades makes interceptors highly resilient to barnacle/marine growth and practically indestructible even after hits and bamps with floating objects,  

Simplicity - Efficiency - Robustness


The principal of simplicity is obvious in every aspect of the product. We are proud of having succeeded in our goal of constructing the most robust product with the simplest installation in the market. Click to see the video.


Combine your Hydrotab Interceptοrs with one of our controller system.

  • ECO Version with Rocker switches
  • Full Version with 3DHC controller
  • Fully Automatic version with 4DHC controller

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