The SR Series Interceptors

Hydrotab’s newest series, the SR Interceptors, provides all the benefits of Hydrotab’s revolutionary boat stabilization technology, while maintaining a lightweight compact design, without busting the bank!

Lightweight yet robust design

The new, eye catching look of the SR Interceptors is achieved with a composite material body. This makes the interceptor lightweight yet extremely robust and can withstand the forces of high speed, open sea boating.

Revolutionary Pneumatic Technology

The SR Series operates using Hydrotab’s revolutionary patented technology. The motion of the interceptor is controlled with a high resistance bladder which is expanded pneumatically. This simple idea allows us to have a simple and open-to-the-sea-water mechanism without any need of sealing or use of any sensitive to sea-water parts (gears, shafts, electronic elements, motors, etc). In addition, this innovative pneumatic mechanism allows us to apply on the blades high shifting forces. Those high shifting forces applied to the blades guarantee that interceptors will continue operate and remain unblocled even under extreme barnacle and marine growth! Consequently, that simple but innovative peneumatic mechanism makes Hydrotab interceptors indestructible, and allows at the same time an easy and quick installation!


Interceptors provides much quicker response times than conventional trim tabs. In addition, the stabilization achieved is greater and the boat ride is much safer and more comfortable than with traditional trim tabs.

Too simple to fail

The robust build combined with the reliable pneumatic technology, ensure longevity and fail free operation even in the harshest sea conditions!

Environmentally friendly design

The interceptors are constructed with easily recyclable materials, reducing waste and the carbon footprint of their production!

The pneumatic operation works using compressed air instead of hydraulic oils, ensuring no polution of the marine environment!

The SR Series offers two different interceptors, the 300SR and 450SR models, so you can choose and combine them to fit any situation!



SR SeriesLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Max Deployment (Stroke) (mm)

Customized control

You can pair the SR interceptors with any of our three controller options: 

1 2 3
Popup Title
The Moby Automatic Controller offers full automatic stabilization, including auto pich and roll control.
The 3DHC controller provides easy and intuitive manual stabilization
Rocker Switches
Rocket Switches for easy and simple stabilization control.

SR Series usefull files:

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