Ultrathin wide screen joystick auto-matic controller


Hydrotab Innovates once more presenting Moby. The new ultrathin wide screen joystick automatic controller for Hydrotab trim tabs.
Designed and manufactured to get the full potential of your Hydrotab interceptors by optimizing your boat cruising experience and save fuel.

True NMEA 2K System No Extra Cables Required

Steering Assistance

Auto Roll & Auto Trim Functions

User friendly GUI with single Joystick navigation

Build In 10Hz GPS

Large 3.2″TFT Intelligent Display

Build In 3D Gyro &  Accelerometer

Fully or light loaded selection function

Auto Diagnostics

Multilingual menu

What's New

  • Ultra thin minimal design that blends with any panel and dashboard
  • New innovative joystick system IP68 with no moving parts. Ideal use for waterjet equipped boat
  • New streamlined intuitive GUI (Graphic User Interface)
  • Scratch proof gorilla glass antireflective screen
  • Direct NMEA 2000 backbone installation. No need for extra wiring
  • Wide crisp color screen 3,5 inch
  • Complete system with integrated IMU-GPS-Antenna
  • Easy data exchange for custom dashboard applications

Ultra Thin will Seamlesly blend on your Dashboard

Ultra Thin will Seamlesly blend on your Dashboard


Allows instant 3D control of the boat.

  •  User friendly operation
  •  Position indication
  •  Optimized position storage
  •  Auto Retraction on engine switch on/off
  •  Emergency retraction
  •  Ergonomic design
  •  Day & Night function