Interceptor trim tabs - The Best Way to trim your boat

Hydrotab Interceptor Trim Tabs are placed on boat’s transom, and they are controlled by a independent air unit (air compressor). Interceptors can operate with extreme accuracy and improve and smooth boat ride, even in the harshest weather conditions, making your trip safer and more comfortable. Due to hulls geometry (pitch & roll) optimization, fuel consumption is also significantly reduced.

Patented Technology

Hydrotab is the first pneumatic interceptor ever made and is considered as the most robust & fail-free trim system in the market. Its innovative operating principal is protected by patent and is the primary choice of many well known boat builders all over the world. 

Robust & Fast​

Hydrotab Interceptors have a quick response time starting from 1,8Sec.
On Request, the interceptors can reach speeds below 0.5 Sec

SR Series

We proudly present our new composite SR pneumatic trim-tabs interceptor series, based on the patented pneumatic technology of Hydrotab. Composite material and compact eye-catching look, without any compromise regarding the robustness and the well-known fail-free operation of our interceptors. A product open to the sea without any need of sealing. Seamlessly blends with any transom, enhancing its design.

  • Suitable for boat from 16′ up to 45′
  • 30mm stroke

Days to release


SR SeriesLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Max Deployment (Stroke) (mm)

BT Series

BT is the compact Inox-316 body Series of Hydrotab. T-shape design with very well balanced operation ensure a reliable fail-free operation and instant improvement of your boat ride.

  • Suitable for boat above 20ft
  • 35mm stroke
  • 6 Different Models Offers Great Flexibility


Custom Length up to 2m on Request


BT SeriesLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Max Deployment (Stroke) (mm)

FW Series

FW is the Heavy Duty Fully Inox-316 Series of Hydrotab. Extended stroke wider pneumatic bladder, ensures even more efficiency and reliability. The FW Series design allow us to offer solution of custom design following the transom of your vessel.

  • Suitable for above 30ft
  • 45mm stroke 
  • Easy access and inspection even inside the water
  • 4 Standard Different Models Offer Great Flexibility

Custom Length up to 1,5 m (On Request)

Custom Size and Shape of Blade (On Request)


FW SeriesLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Max Deployment (Stroke) (mm)

TS Series

TS Series combines all the advantages and attributes of FW Series on a product designed to fit on tunnel shaped halls.



The product is designed on request


TS SeriesLength (mm)Width (mm)Height (mm)Max Deployment (Stroke) (mm)
640TS675120depends on tunnel shape45
700TS735120depends on tunnel shape45
800TS835120depends on tunnel shape45
1000TS1068120depends on tunnel shape45


Combine Interceptors With a Controller That Fits you!