Warranty conditions

FW, TS and BT Series Interceptor units (and not complete systems) are covered by a 5-year warranty.
SR Series Interceptor units (and not complete systems) are covered by a 2-year Warranty.

Recoil springs, electrical/electronic parts and devices come with a 2-year warranty.
Anodes (consumables) are not included in the warranty (for BT, FW, TS Series).
Hydrotab’s warranty only covers the repair or replacement of spare parts.

Selection of appropriate model/size

It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to choose the correct model/size and even with Hydrotab’s suggestion for a system, the overall responsibility is with the buyer.

Limited warranty

Provided that the system has being installed in accordance with the installation manual we provide, and no damage has been caused due to improper handling or practices, Hydrotab will replace or repair any defective parts or parts that failed due to improper manufacturing withing the applicable warranty period.
Hydrotab only covers the parts’ replacement or repair. Fitting or shipping costs are not covered by warranty.
Hydrotab will select if we will repair or replace any given part.
Repaired or replaced products will assume the remainder of the warranty time and under no conditions will the full time of warranty be renewed.

Limited warranty periods

Limited warranty period is two years (2 years)  or five years (5 years) according to above mentioned conditions regarding products series, from the product shipment from our premises.

Extended limited warranty period

It is provided in case:
a) Hydrotab trim system is included as equipment of a newly purchased boat directly by from the boat-builder or his reseller.
b) Hydrotab trim system has been purchased through a Hydrotab dealer.

The extended limited warranty period is valid for three (3) years from the shipping date, provided that the customer has downloaded, completed and submitted the online registration form within one month (30) days from the purchase in the following urlς

In case the dealer sells separate units of Interceptors, Air Units and Controllers that constitute a full system that is not initially sold (as a complete system) by Hydrotab, the dealer has the responsibility to provide the separate Serial Numbers for the Interceptors, Air Units and Controllers and guide the end user for the proper registration of his serial numbers for the extended warranty to be valid.

The authorized dealer is responsible for the product’s service.

For any services or spare parts requirements and replacements during warranty period, the original invoice is necessary to be presented.
For the replacement of any part of the system (interceptors, Air Unit, any controller etc.) under warranty, the replaced parts must be returned to Hydrotab Marine Engineering for inspection, otherwise warranty is not valid.
Cost of dismantling – assembly and spare parts transportation is borne by the user.

The warranty does not foresee, under any circumstances, replacement of the whole Hydrotab system.

What is not covered by the warranty:

Damage caused by the lack or non-replacement of worn anodes (for BT, FW, TS Series).
Damage caused by improper installation and use not consistent with the manual.
Damage with external visible deformation of the product caused by misuse of the user or other external causes.
Damage to any component caused during transportation, installation or repair from non-authorized personnel.
Conversions or modifications made after the initial sale.

N. Triantafyllis Ltd (Hydrotab Marine Engineering) is not liable for any incidental, indirect or consequential damages or
losses, including, without limitation: travel expenses, transport, lifting and hauling,
costs, loss of income, loss of time, loss of property, loss of profits, personal injury or
damage of any products, different from those that the company distributes.
Any further (except the above mentioned) commitment of the intermediate dealer
regarding the sale terms or servicing of Hydrotab products does not create any liability of
our company.